Final design of the new input buffer board

The NCore NC500 is an OEM product used by manufactures of high end audio amplifiers and can be found in some very large companies high end product lines. It differs from the NCore NC400 as it has no input circuitry. This is where manufactures can add there own "house sound". So we at iQ have produced our own which will be capable of taking vaurious op amps and Hypex's upgraded discrete voltage regulators, including discrete op amp offerings from Burson and Sparkos Labs. This will enable us to offer a Sound Menu depending on your tastes and the ability to change your amps voice. The standard Hypex board uses the LM4562 op amp. Whilst good we think this can be improved..... We should recieve prototypes back from the designer after testing for sound evaluation and to try a few different op amps. More to come....

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