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  • Ultimate Sound from our Bespoke Developed Nord Input Buffer Board.
  • Tailor The Sound with Plug in Discrete Op Amps from Burson, Sparkos Labs & Sonic Imagery running in full Class A. Class A Sound, Rich, Warm and Textured with Class D Amplifier Low Power Consumption.
  • Onboard Discrete Sparkos Labs Voltage Regulators 
  • Nord Amps Based on Hypex NCore NC500 Technology.
  • Mono Block or Stereo Configurations.
  • Direct Sales from the Manufacture with Direct Pricing
  • Shipping Worldwide inc USA, Europe, Australia via Pure Music Group
  • Demo's Welcome in an Informal Friendly Atmosphere.
  • High End USA and European Components used Throughout.

Call 01242 650559

Nord One Hypex Amplifiers by iQ Speakers


A complete range of Class D Amplifiers using Hypex Amplifier modules from NCore NC400 DIY cases to dual mono NCore NC500 modules and SMPS1200A700 PSU's amplifiers available in mono block or Stereo configurations. Nord Series One all share the same high quality quality Italian full Aluminium Case in various widths and finishes.  We ship worldwide including the USA and Europe.

nord One NC500 MB
Mono Block Amplifer Pair
Hypex NCore NC500 Module
Hypex SMPS1200A700 PSU
Hypex LM4562 Input Board
12V Trigger Option
Mono Block Configuration
400W 8 ohms
£1249.00 Pair
nord One NC500DM 
Dual Mono Stereo Power Amplifier
Twin Hypex NCore NC500 Modules
Twin Hypex SMPS1200A700 PSU
True Dual Mono Design
Hypex LM4562 Input Board
12V Trigger Option
Stereo Configuration
400W 8 ohms
NCore NC400 Case
Mono Block Case
Comlete Mono Block Case 
inc Solid Ally 44mm Feet, Binding Posts, XLR Socket, Mains Socket with Switch, Front Panel Mains Switch with LED, Pre Drilled for NC400 & SMPS600 
Mono Block Configuration

Nord One Class D Amplifiers from iQ Speakers range from Hypex NCore NC400 cases and complete UcD180 DIY kits to beautiful NCore NC500 400W Amplifiers and blend cutting edge Hypex technology with Scandinavian design flair and 35 years of electronic production engineering, design and material technology to bring you a range of high performance Amplifiers and complete DIY solutions at competitive prices directly from the manufacture, made in the UK. 


All our amps share the same family of all Aluminium Italian cases, with 44mm solid Aluminium isolation feet turned from a single piece of Aluminium. The front panels are 10mm thick offered in black, silver and a wide choice of exotic veneered finishes. Round the back high end 60A CHK solid brass, gold plated binding posts, Switchcraft metal bodied gold plated XLR sockets provide top end quality connections.


The generous sized cases with a positive airflow across the Hypex modules allow optimal component layout ensuring the shortest input and output paths whilst ensuring optimal cooling and long term reliability. Profiled aluminium sides with CNC milled fronts including a wide choice of wood Veneers provide contrasting natural aluminium lines to all finishes.

NCore NC400 Case
Stereo Case
Comlete Stereo Case inc Solid Ally 44mm Feet, Binding Posts, XLR Socket, Mains Socket with Switch, Front Panel Mains Switch with LED, Pre Drilled for 2 x NC400 & SMPS600 
Stereo Configuration

Hypex presents a decisive leap forward in class D audio performance. Ncore® is the first class D amplifier not just to nudge the best linear amplifiers, but to surpass them in every aspect relevant to sound quality. If you want the ultimate in clarity, resolution and musicality, there is no longer a reason to trade efficiency or compactness The same Ncore Modules can be found at the heart of many well know high end amplifiers. Nord Norwegian for North our founders surname and in recognition of our superb Norwegian Abrahamsen product. The three horizontal lines "always equal" But at the heart is an incredibly musical warm, balanced, powerful sound. Welcome to Hypex heaven from £699.00.. 

Nord One Amplifiers Based on NCore NC500 Class D Technology
Hypex NCore NC 400 Range
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Hypex NCore NC500 Module
Hypex SMPS1200A700 PSU

Our standard Amplifier uses the Hypex LM4562 Input buffer board and offers a warm even sonic signature and uses the same 3 modules as the Acoustic Imagery Atsah 500.

We offer an upgraded Input Buffer Board using discrete Op Amps, the Burson Supreme Sound V5, Sparkos Labs SS3602 or the Sonic Imagery 994. Further upgrades include discrete Sparkos Labs Voltage Regulators. An onboard 8 pin DIP socket allows different Op Amps to be easily swapped in the future to tailor sound and upgrade their Amplifier as required.  The Upgrade delivers the ultimate sound with the ability to tune and further upgrade with a sound Menu of OP Amps via the onboard socket enabling easy changes of Op Amps, its called OP Amp Rolling

nord One UP
Upgraded Input Buffer Board
Upgrage your Nord One to the UP we will send 2 x  Input boards for DIY fit.
Nord Input Buffer Board x2
Choice of
Burson Supreme Sound V5,
Sparkos Labs SS3602 or Sonic Imagery 994 (+£30) Discrete Op Amps
Sparkos Labs SS78 & SS79 Discrete Voltage Regulators.
8 Pin DIP Socket for Quick Op Amp Change
Adds Texture and Warmth
£379.00 Pair
nord One UP 500DM ST
Dual Mono Stereo Power Amplifier
Twin Hypex NCore NC500 Modules
Twin Hypex SMPS1200A700 PSU
True Dual Mono Design
2 x Nord Input Buffer Board with Choice of
Burson Supreme Sound V5,
Sparkos Labs SS3602 or Sonic Imagery 994 (+£30) Discrete Op Amps
Sparkos Labs SS78 & SS79 Discrete Voltage Regulators.
8 Pin DIP Socket for Quick Op Amp Change.
12V Trigger Option
Stereo Configuration
400W 8 ohms
nord One UP NC500 MB
Mono Block Amplifer Pair
Hypex NCore NC500 Module
Hypex SMPS1200A700 PSU
Nord Input Buffer Board with Choice of
Burson Supreme Sound V5, Sparkos Labs SS3602 or Sonic Imagery 994 (+£30) Discrete Op Amps
Sparkos Labs SS78 & SS79 Discrete Voltage Regulators.
8 Pin DIP Socket for Quick Op Amp Change.
12V Trigger Option
Mono Block Configuration
400W 8 ohms
£1559.00 Pair
nord One UP Upgraded Input Buffer Board Version Class D Amp with Class A Sound
Nord One UP Input Buffer Board
nord One PRE-A
Pre Amplifier
Pre Amplifer fully balanced with 1 XLR input and XLR Pre Out. 3 RCA Inputs. HT RCA out.
Designed for Nord One Power Amps
Bespoke metel Remote

HiFI Wigwam Review

"It has now become my summer amplifier as the Audionotes put out too much heat in the summer. Oh and the Krell 600 monoblocks have gone."

Our new Nord website is now live

Hypex NCore from £699-£1999

New Multi-Channel Amps

Our new Nord website is now live 

We are giving £100 off Nord One UP

type NEWSITE100 in checkout of new site

Our new Nord website is now live

Hypex NCore from £699-£1999

New Multi-Channel Amps

Our new Nord website is now live

Hypex NCore from £699-£1999

New Multi-Channel Amps

Customer Comments and Feedback

Our new Nord website is now live

Hypex NCore from £699-£1999

New Multi-Channel Amps

Nord One UP Upgrade for the Ultimate Sound and Pleasure

Take the hugely powerful and capable standard Class D Amplifier to a, race through your music collection, smile inducing Amp. You will not find this on a spec sheet! But we feel it’s pretty important. It takes all the benefits and power of Class D and adds Class A, AB tones

So like the NCore NC400 the NC500 is dynamic, powerful and transparent but I wanted the sound from my Abrahamsen Amps from Per Abrahamsen founder of Electrocompaniet  with a beautiful musical tone. So with the input and encouragement from fellow members of the DIY Audio Forum we developed the Nord UP Input Buffer Boards to replace the standard Hypex one. Back comes that rich warm tone, better focus, wider deeper soundstage, and more dynamics in short everything the Abrahamsen gives me and then more with huge power! It’s now the amp I listen too from choice.


So we take expensive discrete components (a total of £195 in the case of  the brilliant Sonic Imagery Op Amps) from the best in the World. And power them and the NC500 with discrete ultra high performance Sparkos Labs SS78 & SS79 discrete voltage regulators. It’s at the input stage (where the signal is tiny) that the most care and influence of sound can be achieved. Hypex separated this section (unlike the NCore NC400) for OEM's to tune and make their amps unique. We go further and encourage you to further tune, change the sound to your preference by plugging in different Op Amps via the onboard 8 pin DIP socket allowing a change of sound in minutes! 1% metal film resistors and Audio Polystyrene Capacitors are used through out the Audio stage.


Choose the UP version from day one by choosing the UP version, or by buying the Nord One UP input boards at a later date. The only difference is you will have to fit the boards yourself and cost you £39 extra. We also offer a fitting service for £49 to include couriers both ways (UK) 

So What do You Get? Apart from Rich Warm Textured Sound?

Two Nord Input buffer boards with a choice of high end discrete Op Amps from the best in the world. Four Sparkos Labs discrete Voltage regulators one for - and one for + Voltages for the ultimate clean noise free power at this critical stage. These really help low level listening and hold on to dynamics at lower levels while helping organization at much higher levels. We could use £1.20p worth of regulators but these make a real differance.

A high quality 8 Pin DIP socket to allow quick Op Amp changes now and in the future. Or put it another way a more organic, rich, warm sound. Better focus, soundstage and best of all enjoyment. I'm an engineer so here are the cleaver bits that make up a Nord One UP board

We have engineered an upgrade board that will deliver a more analogue, involving and musical sound whilst retaining the huge power and drive of the 400W Class D Hypex NC500 Amps. It will also be capable of taking future developments in OP Amp technology via the 8 pin DIP socket which takes literally minutes to swap OP Amps. We have powered this with Sparkos Labs SS78 & SS79 Discrete Voltage Regulators a clean, silent power feed, so important in the input stage of any amplifier. Our board is totally interchangeable with the Hypex input board.


So Which Op Amp?

All choices are superb and offer a richer more textured, focused natural and enjoyable sound with a much deeper soundstage.

They will send you racing through your record collection with a huge smile.


Sonic Imagery 994

The more accurate, airy, precise option with amazing natural 3D imageing its leaner than the Sparkos and would suite warm tube front ends. Its still my favourite but only by a small margin. The 994Enh-Ticha is a dual high performance discrete operational amplifier designed for professional audio applications and areas where ultra-low noise, low distortion and highly linear uncolored performance is required. It was designed as an performance upgrade replacement universal dual op-amp gain block.

The 994Enh-Ticha Discrete OpAmp achieves a new standard of excellence in noise performance with 0.89nV/Rt.Hz@1kHz noise. This ultralow noise is combined with excellent high speed specifications (gain-bandwidth product >50MHz), immeasurably low distortion output, and true precision parameters (>200µV offset voltage, 118dB voltage gain open loop). Although the 994Enh-Ticha's input stage operates at nearly 1mA of collector current to achieve low voltage noise, input bias current is typically less than 1uA.

The all-discrete SMT design utilizes an ultra-precision differential super-matched transistor pair specifically designed to meet the requirements of ultra-low noise and ultra-low THD audio systems. In addition to the enhanced input stage, the 994Enh-Ticha uses high performance temperature stable power supply independent current sources. Supply independent current sources allow the bias to remain locked at the optimum operating point regardless of supply voltage or temperature.

Dual matched pair temperature stable current mirrors, dual matched pair active current loads give the Model 994 it's outstanding power supply rejection performance. The enhanced low distortion Class-A output driver stage can sink or source 150mA allowing this module to drive transformers or headphones directly if required. Each amplifier is matched for noise, offset and distortion to within 0.1% of each other and both amplifier channels meet or exceed published specifications.

Model 994Enh Discrete OpAmp

Because of the 994Enh high current drive capability, supporting circuitry impedances can be scaled down within the application circuit. This can reduce the overall system noise, without increased distortion. The 994Enh-Ticha Discrete op-amp voltage noise is less than the thermal noise of a 50 Ohm resistor. Therefore, even in very low source impedance transducer or audio amplifier applications, the 994's contribution to total system noise will be negligible.


Sparkos Labs SS3602 Full Class A OP Amp

The richest warmest, fuller softer option, running in full Class A at relatively high current. If you are after a Valve amp experience or solid state Class A amp this will deliver a hugely textured involving experience. Adds some texture and body to a neutral front end and suits my Alt Modern Folk, singer song writer tastes with very simplistic sound tracks, it just adds warmth while keeping the dynamics.

Discrete Op Amps - Sparkos -->

Sparko’s Labs has created a family of discrete op amps in an 8 pin DIP compatible package optimized for high performance audio applications.   These devices are drop in replacements for many common, yet inferior audio op amps and are uniquely compensated for trouble-free swap out into virtually any circuit. Having a footprint of a mere 0.33 square inches, these devices are one-third the size of any other discrete op amp on the market.  Class A biasing and high output current capability coupled with a proprietary compensation scheme requiring multiple NPO dielectric capacitors make these discrete op amps impossible to fabricate as a monolithic IC.  These devices utilize matched transistor pairs encapsulated within a single device package for the input stage and internal current mirrors, which retains the advantage that monolithics have with device matching


Burson Supreme Sound V5 Op Amp

Warmer than the standard amp but less than the Sparkos, improves focus, mids and highs. Suits Classical and Rock music separates and focuses better than the Sparkos. Violins soar and bass drums stop and start with precision. If I went on about its technical sound attributes you would assume this to be a better op amp it’s not just different.



Employing our SSA Op-Amps you will hear what’s on the recording, with all the meaning and expression the artist intended. Once you audition our SSA Op-Amps you can never go back and you’ll quickly understand why so many recording engineers, renowned musicians and audiophiles swear by them. Why they’re the gold standard of audio op-amps.


Sparkos Labs SS78 & SS79 Discrete Voltage Regulators


The noise specification of the discrete regulators are vastly superior to standard 78XX and 79XX devices. This is made possible by heavy filtering on the internal voltage reference which requires large capacitors that can not be implemented on standard monolithic designs. Such luxuries are only possible with discrete designs.  While nose specs are important, regulator
performance is mostly about transient response and input rejection. Having a fully discrete error amplifier allows for extremely high input rejection and unique compensation techniques that can not be implemented with standard monolithic IC error amplifiers 

I really noticed the benefit of these at low listening levels, detail and dynamics remain, while at high volumes the clarity stays at far higher levels. Better even than the Hypex HxR's so they should be at $94 a pair opposed to the HxR's 30 Euro cost but we think the improvement is worth it.

8 Pin DIP Socket
Sonic Imagery 994
Nord One UP Upgrade Buffer Board

nord One Series in Detail

Nord One Common Specifications

All Nord One Amps share these same specifictions for full specs see online shop


• Black Finish Mono Block Case

• Hypex NCore NC500 Module

• Hypex SMPS1200A700 Power Supply

• Hypex Input Buffer Board with LM4562 Daul Op Amp or Nord One UP Input Buffer Board.

•12V Trigger Option

• Input Impedance 47K with Hypex Buffer. 51K with Nord One UP Discrete Buffer

• Distortion: THD+N - - 0.001 % 20Hz • Frequency Response: 0 - 50k Hz +0/-3dB • Low Distortion: THD+N - - 0.001      % 20Hz

• 26 dB Gain • Ultra High Damping Factor

• High Current Output Capable of driving 2ohm for the Most Demanding of Speakers. 550W 2ohm 700W 4ohm        400W 8ohm • Frequency Response: 0 - 50k Hz +0/-3dB.

Aluminium Case 10mm Front Panels in Black, Silver, Choice of Veneers.

Cases from Modu in Italy made from 100% Aluminium. Nord One cases share the same look and construction, 10mm front panels, extruded heat sink side profiles, 3mm rear panel with 2mm top and bottom in Aluminium. All 280mm deep and are designed for optimal airflow, air is sucked from the bottom vents across the modules and out of the top vents. As cool as the modules run they still produce a fair amount of heat. The layout ensures optimum cooling and module reliabiliy. Panels are CNC cut in house and have contrasting silver detail. Isolation feet 44mm in diameter Solid turned Aluminium with rubber inserts provide a solid sonic foundation.

Case Sizes

Stereo W 340mm D 280mm H 80mm With Feet and Binding Posts W340mm D340mm H95mm

Mono  W 240mm D 280mm H 80mm With Feet and Binding Posts W240mm D340mm H95mm

Veneered Front Panel

Our Veneered front panels are available in a wide choice of exotic veneers. We take our standard 100mm front panel in either black or silver apply veneer and then mill the front line to reveal the bare aluminium. We then sand and spray lacquer for a beautiful finish. Choose from the veneer section to give you amp a unique look. 

Hypex NCore NC500 Module

At the heart of the Amplifier is Hypex's NCore NC500 Module offering similar sound and performance as the NC400. It offers 400W into 8 ohms and is a dynamic musical power house.

Hypex SMPS1200A700 PSU

Powering the NC500 Module is the Hypex SMPS1200A700 Power Supply Module and provides high damplng factor for crisp dynamic bass.

Nord Input Buffer Board using Discrete devices.

Upgrade to our Nord Input Buffer Board with a choice of discrete Op Amps from Burson, Supreme Sound V5, the full Class A Sparkos Labs SS3602 or the Class A Sonic Imagery 994 Op Amp, All add texture and warmth. The board is equipped with an 8 pin DIP socket to allow future changes and upgrades. Power is also improved using Sparkos Labs SS78 & SS79 Discrete Voltage Regulators.. 1% Metal film resistors and Audio grade stable tight tolerance Polystyrene capacitors are used throughout the audio stage.

CHK Solid Brass Gold Plated Binding Posts

This high end Binding Post from CHK in the USA is rated at 60 Amp and superb quality. Manufactured from gold plated brass with clear touch proof thermoplastic shroud. This product has a 4mm hole at top of captive knob for connection via 4mm banana plugs and generous 8mm diameter cross hole for bare wire connection or spade terminals. When using bare cable the unique "Clamp Down" feature ensures that when bare cable conductors are used to make a connection via the cross hole the conductors are not twisted or damaged unlike similar products currently on the market.

Solid 44mm Aluminium Isolating Feet

Solid 44mm diameter, 14mm high, turned, polished and lacquered Aluminium isolating feet beautifully finished with rubber O ring in the base providing a solid platform.

Internal Wiring

Attention to detail in layout, reducing signal paths, and using high quality connection material mainly from Hypex ensures the best possible and cleanest sound possible.

Speaker output cable is high purity 2.41mm single core cable using 19 strands of 0.36mm silver plated high purity Copper with a conductor area of 1.94mm and a PTFE dielectric.

All connections are either crimped or shrink sleeved for neatness and mechanical strength. The Modules have thermal paste to thermally connect the module to the case in order to act as a heat sink. All the attention to detail and obsession for neatness ensure long term reliability and electrical safety. The DM Stereo configuration is a true Dual Mono design with totally separate channels.

Switchcraft XLR Socket

High end metal bodied XLR sockets from USA based Switchcraft. Silver finish.

Front Blue LED Halo Mains Switch

High Quality Swiss Schurter Electronics 12A European approved blue Halo mains switch with a beautiful blue glow and feel.

Custom Box with Foam Bed

Our custom box with tailored foam inserts provide safe shipment across the world. We also have a little finishing touch as a surprise!

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Optimum cooling airflow has been designed into the chassis to ensure long term reliability. Cool air is drawn in from bottom vents runs across the modules and out the top vents. Cool!

Nord One Series Case

Full Specifications and Online Shop

Full Specs, Online Shop
We Ship to most parts of the World, UK £15, Most of Europe £45, £75 for the USA & Canada.  We include USA and Europe mains leads.
We have a Distributor in Australia who handle all Australian sales, Pure Music Group  +61 409504805  who offer demo, web sales, and service in Australia.
If you can not find your country on checkout please email to quote and add your shipping destination. 
Lead time for build and Shipping is 1 week 

Our new Nord website is now live 

Veneered Front Panels available for additional £50 per amp, veneers run horizontally on amp fronts

nord Veneers Front Panel
Who And What are Hypex?
Case Explosion Image
Nord One cases include plenty of space around modules and a positive airflow to aid optimal cooling from bottom front to rear top of the cases to ensure long term reliability.
Internal Wiring
Music We Love..

Lots More Coming..........


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