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IPL's drivers are all matched pairs. They are all special versions of HiVi Reaserch drivers, built to IPL Acoustics specifications. All ribbon tweeters are individually measured and the matched to crossover components. This is a time consuming expensive operation and its the main reason they are not normally used in mass production speakers.

HiVi M6a IPL5/m

In 1999, Swans manufactured M5N woofer with original and beautiful appearance, which is suitable for digital audio and sound signal linear loudspeaker system, which is dynamic and with low distortion. This design has laid another landmark of Swans loudspeaker.
-Advanced alloy (magnesium/aluminum) cone, coated with special damping material
-Optimum recovery CONEX supporting system, having good rigidity and dynamic stability, improving the sonic features of the driver.
-High power handling, heat-resistant Kapton? Voice coil former and heat-resistant SV voice coil wire. -Shielded magnetic system with long-throw linear excursion design.
-Finite Element Analysis for high density aluminum frame, prevents the parasitic structural resonances;
-Using leading technology of Small/Thiele parameters in cabinet design.
M6a can be used as a bass or midrange in a two-way bookshelf speaker system; or used as a main speaker, center channel speaker, surround speaker, or subwoofer in a home theatre system; it can also be used in multimedia speaker systems.


Strong Neodymium magnet 
1.5” enforced sandwich diaphragm 
Buildin impedance convertor 
low distortion, very fast transition  

HiVi F6 IPL6/k

Hi-Vi enjoys high prestige low-midrange loudspeaker unit of the world!
The Swans M1.2 sound box that adopts the F6 is being subjected to numerous good opinions at home and abroad.
-Using leading technology of Small/Thiele parameters
-Light and extremely rigid cone made from Kevlar? Paper composite
-Germany special manufactured anti-tired high loss natural rubber surround: fully absorb unwanted vibration energy!
-Britain produced high-transparent and high-steady spider-can improve the characteristic of compliance air compressing
-Linear frequency phase correcting design: the plug improves frequency response and dispersion as well.
-Full sealed double magnet high performance antimagnetic system: dynamical linear drive resource.
-Hi-Vi Symmetric Motor Drive (SMD) technology makes the voice coil into a symmetrical driving magnetic field, thus acquiring symmetrical driving force, reducing the mutual modulation of voice coil inductance and back electromotive force, improving the controllability of the speakers, achieving low distortion degree
-Finite Element Analysis for high density aluminum frame, prevents the parasitic structural resonances
-High power handling, heat-resistant Kapton?voice coil former: the guarantee of high quality bass.
Sound Features: natural, accurate, high analysis, energetic.
Suitable for bass unit of two-way vented loudspeaker system, and also suitable for mid-range unit of 3-way loudspeaker systemyou.

Fountek Neo CD3

Strong Neodymium magnet 
3 inch enforced sandwich diaphragm 
build-in impedance convertor 
low distortion, very fast transition 


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