ABRHAMSEN V3.0 UP PRE AMPLIFIER                          £849.00 +£15 delivery  

The preamplifier in the V-series has outstanding musicality, exquisite design and it is very user friendly. Combine this with smooth and refined sound and you have a fiest for both the eyes and ears. The pre-amplifier is equipped with 3 RCA inputs and one balanced XLR input. To achieve the best possible result it is recommended to us a fully balanced CD player such as the Abrahamsen V1.0 CD player. With the V3.0 you can easily set up one of the inputs to a home theatre input. This means that you can integrate it with an existing surround receiver. The remote control is compatible with the rest of the products in the V-series. When combined with the V4.0 power amplifier offers a little more focus and bass control. It also enables an easy upgrade path to add 2 x V40 one for each channel which again offers more control and space around instruments. (bottom picture)


THD: 0,005 %

Frequency response: 0-70.000 Hz +/-3 dB
Ring core -transformer
3 Line Inputs (RCA)
1 Balanced Input (XLR)
Digital volume control
1 Line Output (RCA)
1 Balanced Output (XLR)
Signal/noise: >100 dB Bespoke Metal Remote



Width 43 cm - Height 10.5 cm - Depth 32 cm - Weight 7 kg