ABRHAMSEN V2.0 UP INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER        £999.00 +£15 delivery  

The Abrahamsen V2.0 UP is a redesign of the V20 Integrated Amplifier. Doubling of electrolytes 100,000 uF in power supply (Noticeable sonic improvement). 1000Va transformer. (the Electro ECI 5 Mkii has 500Va and 80,000uF) Huge power reserve, for fast tight bass, supberb imaging and pinpoint accuracey. Changing the emitter resistor card for higher class A operation. New improved display, light blue background with dark blue lettering, significantly better readability. New "Upgrade" sign on the top lid. New remote control receiver(significantly better reception). Improved user software. V20 can be upgraded to V20 UP. An amazing product so much better than the standard V2.0 its very special, belive me its well worth the £200 extra. Made in Sweden.


2 x 70 watt in 8 ohm 2 x140 watt in 4 ohm

1000VA Ring core transformer

100,000uF Capacitance. 16A Relays 12 Ouput Devices

Signal/noise: >100 dBTHD: 0,005 % Frequency response: 0-70.000 Hz +/-3 dB

3 Line inputs (RCA)1 Balanced (XLR) input Tape output (RCA)

Digital volume control LCD-display Bespoke Metal Remote control


Width 43 cm - Height 10.5 cm - Depth 32 cm - Weight 16 kg