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IPL Acoustics Speakers Hand Crafted, Nord One Hypex Class D Amplifiers and UK Sales of Abrahamsen Audio Range.

Here at iQ we design and build Class D Hypex Amplifiers under the Nord brand. We build and finish IPL Acoustics speaker range to a high standard with a huge dash of passion. We finish using exotic, quality veneers and Piano Gloss finishes. IPL have nearly 30 years of heritage supplying high quality speakers. Ivan at IPL is happy to discuss speaker size for your room

Relaxed demo facilities available, bring your amp, speakers, CD player and CD along, relax, enjoy and be prepared to be impressed.

You like the idea of IPL Acoustics DIY speaker kits but don’t want to build them yourself, you want a high standard of finish. This is where we come in. We build them for you.

We also supply Norwegian Abrahamsen Audio products. Per Abrahamesen founded and designed Electrocompaniet products.

You are probably here because you have read reviews about people who have built their own kits and know Ivan at IPL Acoustics based in Ilfracombe, designs superb sounding speakers, but don't want to build them yourself? I was a customer and enthusiast just like you. I auditioned many £2500 - £3000 speakers and not finding one that had everything. I had read very good reviews of IPL Acoustic kits and decided to give the IPL Acoustics M1TLm a try. They are natural, precise, musical, none fatiguing and have huge holographic sound staging. The S2 upwards brings the same natural sound but with greater scale, more bass and perhaps even more realistic sound. You don’t notice the tweeter then out of nowhere comes a Xylophone.  Well how can they sound so good?

All kits are designed with the very latest computer based test equipment to give superior phase characteristics and a flat acoustic response. Above all IPL Acoustics speakers should be accurate, natural, and musical and they are! There are no dealer margins, no huge advertising budgets, no reps etc. The money is spent on driver quality and crossover components. Just Google some commercial drivers and compare size. The Fountek CD3 is used in Monitor Audio PL300 flagship speaker costing £6500.

IPL Acoustics speaker kits offer an unparallel quality of sound at the fraction of the price of commercial speakers, with no large dealer margins.

Hypex Based Amplifiers. We are Busy designing Our First Products a range of Amplifiers from UcD to the NCore NC500 Products. Prices Will start from £399 to £999 for a Stereo Hypex NCore NC500
Visit Our New Nord Hypex Website


iQ Speakers Design and Build Class D Amplifiers based on Hypex modules. Our NC500 based amps using our own design of input buffer board adds texture and warmth to the powerful and dynamic sound of Hypex at very competitive prices


Here at iQ we build and finish IPL Acoustics speaker range to a high standard with a huge dash of passion. We finish using exotic, quality veneers and Piano Gloss finishes


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